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18th May 2016

Mumbai, India

I’d always liked the idea of visiting India. I’d looked into travelling there a couple of times but no plans ever came to fruition. I was quite excited and also...

13th May 2016
campus rose move from semi finals

Chongqing, China

We’ve just arrived in India for the fourth World Cup of the season so I figured it was about time I got some thoughts down about the last World Cup...

04th May 2016


Sorry it’s taken me so long to post again. I seem to spend my life either sat on an aeroplane or sat in a hotel room so I really don’t...

22nd Apr 2016

The 2016 season has started!

So we’re in Tokyo. It’s totally crazy. We’ve been running around the city since we got here; sight seeing, eating yummy food and checking out the climbing gyms. I haven’t...

11th Apr 2016

Ropes Of Maui

I tried Ropes of Maui for the first time a couple of weeks back. I’d been wanting to try it for a while but my free time and the good...

21st Mar 2016

CWIF 2016

The Climbing Works International Festival took place last weekend. This competition has a big reputation and rightly so. It’s a gathering of motivated, passionate climbers who come together to have...

06th Mar 2016

How did you start climbing?

How did you start climbing? It’s the question I have been asked more times than anything else in my life. I don’t get bored telling the tale though. I am...

18th Feb 2016

Trips to London

It’s been a busy month already. Time really feels like its moving at a very fast pace right now. Does that ever change? In a standard week I do a...