China it is!

The past two weeks have been full of decisions and tomorrow I will be heading to China for the first round of the World Bouldering Cup series! Since Sweden I have been working with Sports Therapist Marcus Croman who has sorted out my shoulder injury and begun to work on realigning my spine and fixing the long list of muscular issues he has made aware of. So now I feel ready to fight through another competition knowing I have Marcus to see to my broken body when I return! If you live in the North West I would definitely recommend seeing this guy for any injuries.

This year I am really looking forward to seeing how I do in the World Cups. The possibility of completing a full series is looking very promising and I am extremely excited about this! Although I do not feel fully prepared for this season (due to injuries and lack of training) I am happy with where my climbing is at currently and I am really excited to have the opportunity to gain the competition experience.  

I will let you know how they go! Wish me luck!

Another bit of exciting news is that we have started the planning for the 2012 Womens Climbing Symposium! We have the date… Saturday 13th October! If your female and you climb and your going to be in the UK on this date make sure you have this day free!

I have also had a short interview on check it out!


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