Melloblocco, Italy

I got back from Austria and had less than 48hours to fit in lots of catching up with family, two physio sessions and a little rest. The pain in my shoulder healed pretty quickly but I had overcompensated massively and this had resulted in my right bicep and forearm being the problem now 🙁 This meant I wasn’t going to be able to push it in Melloblocco which was annoying but I was definitely ready for a week of rest, sunshine, ice cream and pizza! Val di Mello is beautiful, the valley is surrounded by immense mountains and everywhere you look the landscape is full of rock and dense green wilderness. When we arrived we put up our tents and admired our surroundings in peace knowing that within the next two days there would be 3000 psyched climbers around. After a few days of sunbathing and chilling out it was time to get our boots on and try and fight our way to the competition boulders dotted around the area. I didn’t really have any idea how the whole thing worked I just knew that there were 9 boulders for guys and 9 for girls and lots of very psyched people ready to try them. It was a very surreal experience being in such a natural beautiful environment with thousands of climbers running around. People travel from across the globe to attend this event and it was amazing to be surrounded by people who share the passion, people of all ages and abilities together celebrating the sport! This was my first time climbing on rock in Italy and my first time on granite. I managed to get round five of the boulders flashing two and completing the others on my second attempts. Annoyingly it was the hardest two boulders that I managed to get first try and I made some silly mistakes on the others. I had definitely forgotten how amazing it is to climb on rock! This was a new experience for me though as usually when you go outside you don’t have to worry about pressure or crowds just having fun and enjoying it. In Melloblocco there were sometimes hundreds of people swarmed around a boulder. My experience on rock is not so vast but climbing in front of a crowd is something I had to get used to for comps. We were supposed to have 3 days to climb the 9 competition boulders but unfortunately on the evening of day one the rain came and it did not stop. I was the only female to complete 5 of the boulders so that meant I placed first.

Despite the rain the trip was really good fun, I got to catch up with lots of friends and my body got a very good necessary rest. I have to say a big thank you to Alpkit for the opportunity! I didn’t get the week of sunshine many of us had been hoping for and I there wasn’t much ice cream but at least I ate lots of pizza! I now have almost a week at home to fill with training, family, friends and physio before heading off to Innsbruck, Austria for the next World Bouldering Cup round.

UKC Report Here!

Checkout out the official Melloblocco website for more information and results from the event HERE!

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