Munich, Germany, Bouldering World Cup

After a long break in the season it was time to get stuck back into world cup mode. 10 weeks is a crazily long break to have in the season and it’s hard to know what to do. My coach made sure my time was managed well and I had a nice balance with climbing on rock, chilling out, spending time with family and training.



I also got psyched on filming too! I made a little movie of Ned climbing a new line in North Wales, check it out…


Enemy Anemone from Shauna Coxsey on Vimeo.

I headed out to Germany a little bit earlier than usual so that I could stop off at the Adidas Headquarters. It was great to see how things work and get more of an insight to the huge company. I was totally overwhelmed by the size of the HQ and I now know so much more about the history of the company I am happy to be involved with. They are such an incredible company to be sponsored by and I massively appreciate being able to live the life I do thanks to them! I now have twice as much luggage to take home with me too! I even got chance to catch up with one of my good friends and fellow Adidas athlete Sasha. It was a such great start to my time here in Europe!


I was excited about the World Cup in Munich but as soon as I was sat in the chair waiting to go out and climb I was as nervous as ever. The incredible Olympic stadium creates such an amazing atmosphere, it is an such an intense place to compete. Two years ago I made my first ever world cup final in Munich, last year I sat and watched the competition with my leg in plaster and this year I was so psyched to be able to get back on the stage and climb again.

Qualifiers went really well for me it was really hot but with the heat wave that hit the UK I was used to trying hard in the heat and I qualified in first place in my group. Leah Crane and Gill Peet both just missed out on semi finals! It is great to see so many GB athletes pushing themselves and I think it is exciting to think what results next season might have in store. But for now it was just myself and David Barrans walking through the rain to isolation the next morning. Not forgetting team manager Gaz Parry, who also came along. It was great to have a manager out at the competition. The GB team is really starting to progress and having a team manager out at the events makes a big difference!


The difference in temperature from qualifiers to semis was insane! It was so so cold warming up for semi finals and I didn’t really feel ready to pull hard. The problems were quite fun though and I managed to top all four with only one fall which put me in second place going into finals behind Anna Stöhr. Anna is so inspirational she qualified last in our group for semi finals and came out of the round in first place with no falls at all. That’s how you turn a competition around!


This round of the world cup I finally felt happy with my climbing. After multiple battles with injuries and niggles I finally felt like I was climbing like myself, flowing well and not thinking too much for the first time this year. Well, that was until finals anyway. In finals the first boulder did not go well at all for me. I just could not pull on the small starting crimps at all, my fingers were numb and it was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had in a final (I still have red tips now!). Luckily the following problems were really fun! I am not happy with my performance but having climbed the way I did in the rounds before I can take some positives away from this competition. However, yet again I am leaving having learnt even more about my weaknesses in climbing. I guess it is good to know I still have so many things to improve on!


I was sat with Anna before going out to climb talking about nerves, I was intrigued to know if it ever got easier. She said it finally had for her, after 9 years competing on the circuit! I have a long way to go but it’s nice to know one day they might ease.

I really can not believe how fast this season has gone. I can remember sitting watching in Munich last year with my leg in plaster like it was yesterday. This season was not as successful for me on paper as last season but I have so so much I can take away and I have learnt so much. Next year I will be more prepared physically and mentally. I need to complete my collection of medals, earn the colour that is still missing and get back up on the overall podium!  Fingers crossed for no more injuries just training! 😀

This weekend coming it is the European Championships in Eindhoven. I am staying out in Germany with Jule Wurm which is so much fun! After Eindhoven I have a day to explore Amsterdam with my coach, 2 days in London with 5.10 running masterclasses and then I have a little while at home before heading out to Adidas Rockstars! The next few weeks are crazy busy but I love it!

 In Munich some of my family came out to watch. 3 of my sisters, my Mother and my Father all traveled from the UK to be there and also some cousins from Munich came along! I am so lucky to have such a supportive family. I know that there were so many of my friends and family watching online too so THANK YOU!

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