Any of you who have ever been to Parisella’s Cave will be totally aware of the lack of beauty, the insanely polished rock, the lovely stench of  goat poop and the hard crazy moves it has to offer. The cave is definitely not for every one but it stays dry and that is definitely a plus since it very rarely stops raining at the moment. And at least its outside, although the climbing style can feel very much like indoors, definitely good training though.

Anyway, since returning home from the majestic sites of Colorado I have been to the cave twice and had two decent sessions. On the first session I managed to get two V11’s. Half Way House which is a powerful climb with a really big cross over move to a shot hole crimp. Deadpointing the shot hole is really awkward and its quite high too so it ‘s a bit of a heart breaker move but very satisfying when you stick it. The other was Pit Of Hell a low start to a very classic boulder problem in the cave Rock Atrocity. I also worked the moves on the lower start to Pit of Hell, In Hell but I was tired and they felt so hard. Next session however I got it second try. It was warm and sweaty but I tried really hard and fought my way up the burly V12. 


The cave is local to me and it’s such a good work out but as much as I love it I can not wait to leave for Magic Woods now!

If you read my last blog about the British Championships you will have read about my epic on boulder 3 in finals. Another video has been put up of this boudler and shows my epic struggle up it…


For more entertainment check out Outcrop Productions Climbing Works International Festival Video. It seems like so long ago since this took place but it was an amazing competition and the video is worth checking out…


In this months Climb Magazine I also have a five page interview!

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