Climbers go Pin Up for CAC…


So… some of you may have heard about my CAC project. We have made a 2014 calendar!! Not just any old calendar though. Our calendar has a 1950’s theme… 6 months of work, 2 long photo shoots, countless days of editing and designing and its finally ready. Next task is to get it out to you lovely people who want to support the cause. 

Why a 1950’s theme you may be asking? I am a trustee of the charity Climbers Against Cancer and I had been wanting to do something for CAC for a while. A friend of mine, Alex Johnson, asked a group of friends, including myself, if we were up for doing a fun photo shoot in her 1950’s trailer. As soon as I read the message I thought about doing a calendar. Sorry I can’t give you more of an explanation, that is pretty much it.

I wanted to do something different, fun and light hearted for the cause and this seemed perfect. A calendar full of climbing photos would draw some attention but people see us climbing all of the time it wouldn’t be different or unique. I asked some some of my climbing friends what they thought and if they wanted to get involved and the whole thing evolved rapidly. We had so much fun making this calendar. Dressing up, posing and doing something totally new to all of us. We are all athletic women and proud of how we look but this calendar was not made with the intention of exploiting us. 

I can not thank my good friends and fellow female climbers enough for giving up their time and making this calendar happen. Anna Stöhr, Juliane Wurm, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Meagan Martin, Angie Payne, Melissa LeNevé, Alex Johnson, Akiyo Noguchi, Alex Puccio, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Kati Peters and Leah Crane. All of these ladies look incredible in our calendar and they have created the fun, light hearted and unique vibe that we were hoping for. You would never normally get a group of climbers together like this. We share no mutual sponsors, we don’t all compete, we don’t live in the same country but we are all together here to support this cause. 

As sad as it is I think it was inevitable that this calendar would receive some criticism. I appreciate that it may not be to everyone’s taste. However, we are all waiting to wave aside any criticism knowing that we have supported a good cause, raised a lot of money and contributed, even if only in a small way, to the battle against the disease that affects us all. 

A massive thank you must go out to the amazing photographer Caroline Treadway and skilled designer Ben Jones. Not forgetting John Ellison, founder of CAC, who has put many many hours in to make sure everything came together.

The calendar will be available on the CAC website at the end of the month. Its big, it’s different and it’s in support of CAC!


So, please, support CAC: buy this calendar and enjoy the product as much as we enjoyed the process!





For distribution we would like climbing walls and shops to purchase boxes so that we can get the calendars all around the world and save on postage so that as much money as possible can go to the charity! Please consider this, pass the message on and keep you eye on the CAC website!  


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