Trips to London

It’s been a busy month already. Time really feels like its moving at a very fast pace right now. Does that ever change? In a standard week I do a beastmaker session on a Monday morning and then I drive over to The Climbing Hangar to train in the evening with my coach and Leah. We train together Tuesday and Wednesday too and then I head back to Sheffield. I train on Thursday and Friday and go climbing on Saturday and I rest Sunday. I’m also doing work for CAC and The Women’s Climbing Symposium and a few other bits too. Thats in a week where I don’t have any meetings, events or competitions on anyway. I love being busy and I’m totally loving training right now too. Don’t worry I am not complaining. I get a lot of questions about how much I train and what I get up to so I thought I’d let you know.

At the beginning of this month I headed to London for the Red Bull Athlete Summit. I love being a Red Bull athlete! It’s such an honour to get to work with such a positive, supportive company. And I get to hang out with some pretty cool people. The Athlete Summit was a gathering of some of the most badass, impressive athletes we have in the UK. I left feeling totally inspired.


The following week it was back to London again. This time I was heading to the The Outdoor Show at the ExCel arena for The Arch Superbloc Competition. Superbloc qualification was a scramble format. There were 20 boulders on the wall and we had 2 and a half hours to try them. 10 points for getting the top on your first attempt, 7 points for topping a boulder on your second attempt and 4 points if you get it on your third attempt. So the top score you could get was 200. The guys and girls were on the same boulders and they were really good fun. There were so many different styles. The awkward groove was definitely a favourite of mine, along with the big, powerful dyno. I finished up with 160 points and pink fingertips. It was rather warm and sweaty in that arena!

Semi finals took place the next morning and we were treated to an interesting mix of boulders. The first was a tricky dyno, the second a funky toe hook move into a few hard, powerful moves and the third boulder was a jamming crack. Yes, a jamming crack! So I didn’t know anything at all about crack climbing. I learnt a little afterwards as multiple people felt compelled to come and give me some pointers after my pathetic attempt. I always say I learn about my climbing in every competition I do. I definitely did this time! Time to learn how to crack climb!

The finals were full of super fun boulders. They were all really enjoyable to climb on and I’ve been informed that they were good to watch too. Massive thanks to the setting team and the organisers too! It felt good to get in another competition experience with CWIF (the biggest comp in the UK) now less than a month away.

In other news, myself and Ned set a load of boulders at The Climbing Hangar. Ned set hard comp style boulders on some really cool holds and I set 10 dynos. I’ve loved having some really fun, hard blocks to have fun on so I thought I’d let you guys know in case you fancy heading over to try them.

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