Back Home And Training

Last week I made the decision to leave the USA early and come home. After trying to make the best of my finger situation I made the hard decision to cut my losses and come back to the UK for treatment and recuperation. I was sad to be leaving, the climbing in Tennessee and Georgia was absolutely world class. I had a great time and met some awesome people but equally it’s really frustrating being away on a climbing trip unable to climb.

I landed in the UK and went straight to my physio. He broke the news that I have torn a pulley in each of my ring fingers and that the only way they’re going to heal is to rest. Though annoying, at first I embraced the resting, did lots of baking and went out and played in the UK’s latest flurry of snow.

As you may expect the novelty of all this sitting around and playing soon wore off and I started to need to do some exercise. Even while away on my trip I had really begun to miss the feeling of training, the effort, the aching, the burn. I hadn’t woken up with aching arms or sore core for weeks. After training so intensely for a few months I almost felt lost without it. I think training is pretty addictive and I was feeling kind of guilty for being so lazy. It was time to get back on it.

I had my first session back on Monday. It was hard to get motivated to train at the climbing centre when all I wanted to do was go climbing but with my coach there to keep me focused it wasn’t long before I was falling on my face unable to do one more press up and fighting hard through my core workout. It feels so good to be pushing myself again. I might not be able to climb but this time out will allow me to focus on some weaknesses I would have otherwise not been able to focus on. I’m really optimistic that this time is going to be really productive and we can use it to our advantage coming into this years World Cup season. I’ve got my fingers crossed for speedy recovery and its so satisfying to get that achy burn back again.


I also have some exciting news to announce. I am now an official ambassador for Crimp Oil. Crimp Oil is is the first 100% NATURAL blend specially made for climbers for recovering from fingers injuries. It helps to kill pain in tendons, joints and muscles. Crimp Oil is composed of 6 essential oils and 1 plant extract for the well-being of your fingers. Also it smells REALLY good! I am using it up to 4 times per day to help my fingers fix up! Get yours HERE!


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