Chonging – China – Bouldering World Cup

For those of you who didn’t see the little write up I posted about China on Facebook here it is with more picutres this time…

China was one of those trips that felt like it went by in a blink but when we were there it felt like we’d been there for ages! Chongqing is the worlds largest city with almost 30 million people, everything feels very busy and life appears quite rushed. Knowing where a few things were from last year (most importantly Costa) it made getting around a lot easier and I felt like I had time to look around and see more of the life behind the business of the city. I often forget how lucky I am to have the opportunity to travel with climbing and see incredible places!

After a season of surprises and success last year it was hard to know what to expect in the first World Cup of 2013. I do not feel that I put on my best performance in Chongqing, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated with my climbing. However, I have to say when I reflect on the past 9 months since I last did a World Cup and all that has happened making finals and finishing in 5th place is definitely an achievement. I still have progress to make both with my climbing and injuries so I am looking forward to the next world cups!

A massive thank you to all of you who got up to watch and support Team GB! There will be a big team of us heading out to Millau for round two in JUST 3 DAYS!!! Make sure you are watching 🙂

Heathrow – Before the epic journey to Chongqing!

Full row of four each on the way out. 🙂 Happy Traveling!

What do you tink to our food supplies? After China 2012 I arrived much more prepared!

Day 1 – Jet Lag = Lots of Coffee YAY COATA!

Day 1 – The view from our hotel. Hot and humid!

Day 2 – We went exploring.

Day 2 – In our CAC shirts!!

Day 2 – We did lots of exploring.

Day 3 – Lonsdale photoshoot which was interesting…

Day 3 – The city from above.

Day 3 – Dianes Birthday!

Day 4 – Comp Day – Psyched and ready!

Day 4 – Presentation

Day 4 – Warming up! It was HOT HOT HOT!


Day 4 – Qualifiers Photos Thomas Clayron & Heiko Wilhelm

Day 5 – After a hot Semi Finals

Day 5 – Finals Photos Udo Neumann

Day 5 – Finals.Photo Heiko Wilhelm. I think this photo sums up my feelings about the 2013 Chongqing Bouldering World Cup!





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