Toronto, World Cup 6

The World cup season is long. I think it’s almost impossible to maintain a high physical state or a mental state throughout the six months that the competitions span. A full World cup circuit takes you to several different countries to do the same thing. Try as hard as you can to get to the top of a few boulders. You push yourself to your limit in every way you can. Holding on as hard as you can, getting yourself into the strangest positions and fighting with everything you have to not fall off.

This year has taken me to China, France, Austria (twice), Slovenia, Canada and now I am in Colorado, USA for the next round. To try again to better my performance and climb as perfectly as I can. Thousands of miles and hundreds of moves and yet I still want to try again.

This past competition was hard for me. I had a few issues with a knee injury from a few weeks back and I found a new barrier in competition climbing. Knowing how hard to push it when something hurts. Things often hurt. Aches and pains are part of the sport. When something only hurts on certain moves and even then it’s more of a discomfort it’s hard to notice until you push it.

The aim for every competitor is to get to the next round but what’s it worth? How hard can people really push themselves. I hit the point where my body decided I had done enough and when climbing in finals I was distracted and found it hard to focus. It makes me wonder how much the other competitors will push themselves.

In qualification and semi finals I had managed to climb well despite my injury. The boulders were fun to climb, although it was a shame that problems were not harder for the women in semi finals, I think that they were great for the crowd to watch. I can not remember so much about the final boulder problems but I do remember the very impressive LOUD crowd that got behind every single one of us! The Canadians sure do know how to support!

Yet another World Cup has past. And yet another injury to overcome. But I’m still climbing and still smiling so it’s all good 🙂

I can not forget to mention the totally incredible effort by Anna Stöhr. She is unstoppable. Also Killian taking his 20th title. WOW.

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Photos: Udo Neumann

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