It doesn’t always go to plan…

So I have just had my worst result since it all started going so well almost two years ago. I guess it was always going to happen and I am not going to lie, I have been so nervous about not making a final for so, so long. In a strange and unusual way there was a sense of relief buried amongst the ranging emotions of frustration, disappointment and fatigue.

I had been so excited about this competition. Last year Innsbruck was my favourite World Cup of the season. I came so close to standing on the top of the podium and throughly enjoyed competing. This year I did not enjoy my time in the city so much, yet I am walking away having gained as much from my experience this year as last year. Just in a very different way.

I have no excuses to give. I climbed well in qualifiers completing all of the boulders after a battle on the second. All of the boulder problems in semi finals were topped both before and after I climbed. It just wasn’t my day. I guess everyone has a bad day in the office at some point right? (well, maybe not Anna)



Since I made my first final in a World cup, I have made every final in all the World cups that I have entered, until this weekend. The only time I have ever sat and watched a final was when my leg was broken and it was the most frustrating and infuriating experience ever. I wanted to be up there with the others so much and I found it so hard to sit back and watch. This time was different. I had competed. I had attempted to earn my place in finals and failed. It was only through fault of my own that I was stood in the crowd. This time I watched with no feelings of jealously, just admiration.

Luckily it was an amazing final to watch. An impressively large and enthusiastic crowd made for an intense and exciting atmosphere and the climbers put on an incredible show. I got the opportunity to watch finals from the other side of the fence. No pressure, no stress, no nerves, no butterflies. However the sweaty palms and curiosity remained the same but this time I got to see everyone climb so the curiosity was kept at ease.

Although I can take away many things for this competition and I really did enjoy watching the finals, it is not my plan to be observing again.

I have to say a huge congratulations to both Jan Hojer and Jule Wurm for their first World Cup victories. Jule was awesome to watch. She did not hold back and won the competition in impressive style. From someone who has been there and know’s all to well, it is NOT easy to keep your cool and flash the last boulder when you know it counts. Jan also put on an amazing performance for the crowd. After qualifying for semi finals and finals in last place he owned the finals and totally deserved to be stood on top of the podium!

Next up I have a couple of days at home. There is time to squeeze in a few training sessions and some meetings before we leave for Canada next week. And then its two more World cups in a row before the big break in the season. It’s amazing what one result can do to your motivation 😉 Time to get back on it!


Also… Since my last blog I have also had my first magazine cover! Thanks Climb Magazine 🙂 I hope you purchased a copy of their 100th edition!


2 Responses to “It doesn’t always go to plan…

  • Aww Shauna. Don’t be hard in yourself. You’re an amazing climber and competitor. And we’re all proud of you.
    Everyone has a bad day-most of us more often than once in 2 years!
    Good luck in Canada and have a great trip.

  • Your an inspiration to climbers of all ages Shauna!! My 9 year old, Abi has a poster of you mid V12 above her bed and is bouldering, top roping and leading at a good level with some bouldering comp wins and a place in the BMC youth series final at Ratho recently. It a relief to know that even top level climbers have a bad day now and again. Good luck in 2013/14!!

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